The Midwyf's Hut

"Reproductive Justice is a concept that reconsiders and broadens conventional notions of reproductive rights beyond the ability to decide when or whether to have a child. This includes securing the context into which that child is born and ensuring the conditions that allow all families to thrive."
Womyn's Wellness & Freebirth Clinic


A Private Membership Association legally guarantees people the ability to give and receive care in a transparent and respectful model, with autonomy for both parties. It is We the People collectively asserting and standing upon our rights to our own body, mind and spirit.


Through our PMA we have created a Wellness Clinic to offer the following:

>> Ovulation Awareness & Herbal Birth Control Training

>> Herbal Vaginal Steams ("Yoni Saunas")

>> Holistic Menstrual Health Mentoring

>> Holistic Fertility Mentoring + Fertility Massage

>> Free Pregnancy Testing

>> Unbiased & Judgement-Free Counseling on All Options if you find yourself pregnant, assistance in seeking out community resources, etc. (for abortion, adoption, low-income, single parenting, etc).

>> Pregnancy Release Companionship (for alternative and at-home miscarriages and terminations)

>> Pregnancy Wellness Coaching + Prenatal Massage

>> Prenatal Self-Care Training & Resources

>> Childbirth Preparation

>> Freebirth Preparation & Facilitation

>> Independant Spiritual Birth Attendant Services

>> Birth Doula Services

>> Postpartum Mother Roasting Services (bellybinding, massage, ceremony, placenta medicine)

>> Breastfeeding Support, Formula Alternatives for Those Who Can't Nurse, & Baby's First Foods Training

>> Safer Sex & Sex-After-Baby Coaching (LGBTQ-friendly)

>> Traditional Nutrition Coaching for Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum Recovery/Breastfeeding, & Baby's First Foods

>> Various Classes & Workshops

>> Ceremony & Ritual

If you are in need of or seeking any of these services, please Contact Us or submit a request to Join Our PMA.

Become a Priestess Midwyf-Healer

of Brighid


All tuition funds will be going towards manifesting our physical Temple, Clinic+Birth Lodge, & Community Projects

Train as a Pregnancy Release Companion

For those who wish to be full-spectrum birthworkers and holistically support womb-carriers and womyn through terminations + miscarriages.

Training includes self-work to release trauma, connection with ceremony, and learning how to support others before, during, and after these transformative events.

>>> Online and in-person trainings are available. CONTACT US to learn more. <<<


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