Our Teachings & Beliefs

"A Midwife's sole purpose for existing is to write the birth in the Akashic Records."
Whapio Diane Bartlett

We are inspired by the teachings of Jeannine Parvati Baker, Whapio Diane Bartlett, Michel Odent, Jane Hardwicke Collings, and other wise women and men throughout the ages. The tenets of our church, our 'manifesto' so-to-speak, is constantly evolving and changing just as we do, and guides all that we do. At present our Tenets are as follows:

Sovereignty is the The Law. Autonomy is The Law. Freedom is The Law. Love is the Law.

The Body is a Temple, a Vessel for the Essence of the Divine which is in All Things.

Life IS A SERIES OF TRANSFORMATIONS, each event like a spoke on a wheel.

We are not responsible for dictating or guaranteeing outcomes-- it is not our place to determine the destiny of another.

Death is not an end, but is another door on this journey; a continuation into life as life leads to death.

We strive to separate Death (Theirs) from Loss (Ours) and to honor that Grief & Praise are part of the same Whole.

In order to accept Life and its Danger, we must accept Death. In accepting Death, we assume Responsibility for Our Choices & thus are granted our Sovereingty.

When given the chance, the body has the ability to return to a state of homeostasis (health, balance).

We strive to Understand Everything in the Universe, even if we don't agree.

We strive to be Emotionally Sensitive, while simultaneously Unemotionally Clear, when it is needed.

Science and Technology can be both a positive and negative intervention, and we strive to hold space for when it has value and when it does not.

We strive to be comfortable in flux, in the unknown, living in the moment-duality-paradox-- The Allowing.

We strive to meet you where you are at.

In all things we move to opperate from a place of Self vs. a place of being under authority.

We do not wish to tell you where your power is-- instead, ask yourself where your power comes from.

It takes a village. We believe in bringing community to the family and family back into the community.

You will Receive with Surrender + Gratitude.

Keep birth undisturbed and intuitive.

Midwife is With-Womyn*, not Womyn With-Midwife. Every Womyn is her Own Midwife & Birthing Womyn was the First Shaman.

Everyone has instinct, and is able to Cultivate the Art of What Occurs to Them.

We strive to recognize Our Wounds, Our Privilege & Our Rank-- to heal and release them when needed, and use them with Wisdom when appropriate.

The Body is a Tool to Experience Altered States of Consciousness. Altered States are how we Court the Divine.

We are electromagnetic multidimensional, multisensual beings made of light and sound, yin and yang, earth-air-fire-water.

We strive to shift our thinking away from Woe and towards Wisdom, and to experience situations as intense instead of painful, to flow with grace.

We believe everyone has the right to choose-- mothers, babies, the elderly; even if we would not ourselves choose it.

We trust in the self-direction and intuitive wisdom of a child's consciousness and a mother's instincts in birth and in all things.

We strive to learn when to focus and when to allow; when to come to the center, and when to move to the edge; when to sit and when to act. To practice Mindfulness in all things.

We are moving into a space of not needing healing, of not needing anything done to us to heal: I can be what I need.

We want to make choices for ourselves, but not be alone. We want autonomy but also a Witness to our Transformation.

There is a difference between Poverty & Impoverishment, and we seek to nourish all of the Bodies of our Beings.

All choices a womyn makes in regards to her/their body should be supported & witnessed without judgment or shame.

Every person is unique and not any one thing will work for every person.

We have a right to alternative healing modalities and to accept or refuse care of any kind from any modality or provider.

Make an Alliance with your Medicines, with your Tools, with your Self.

*We use the terms Womyn & Womb-Carriers to be more inclusive of those folks who we may serve or work with in any capacity who fall on the wide spectrum of body association and gender identity. Though most of the people we work with identify as women-born-women, we acknowledge that this will not always be the case and thus try to use more inclusive terminology, for those who have/had wombs and bear children will not always identify as women/female, though the bulk of our work revolves around the bodies that are biologically "female". We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship type or status, socioeconomic class, race or ethnicity, religious or spiritual beliefs, disabilities, etc. We have no affiliation with any groups that choose to use the term 'womyn' in a transexlusionary way and do not support transphobia or the exclusion of anyone from the LGBTQ community as our Head Priestess and creator of Brighid's Hearth Church identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community herself.  


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