Our Offerings & Services

Our offerings are provided through both the Temple and our temple-opperated business, Lady Moon Wellness & Massage, and The Midwyf's Hut. Below you will find a brief overvue of our services, support, rituals, workshops and classes, healing, etc. To learn more about a particular offering including availability, pricing, and dates (when applicable) please contact us directly. To learn more about our PMA please go to our Private Membership Association Page. To learn about becoming a Priestess please go to The Priestess Training Page.

"Most often magic is simple in it’s form, and it is in the simple things such as mixing certain herbs together to create harmony in the body that is the alchemy of mystery. Magic in it’s purest form."
Nikiah Seeds
Ministerial Services


Wren is an Ordained Minister & Priestess capable of officiating and facilitating legally binding ceremonies such as Weddings and Handfastings, as well as Motherblessings, Naming/Wiccaning and Baptism Ceremonies, Menarche Celebrations, Last Rites, Placenta Burials, and others.  

We also perform prayers, rites, rituals, and spellwork for those who seek aid from Our Lady of the Flame, Brighid (whether you see Her as Saint or Goddess) both on a personal basis, as well as conducting group rituals and training dedicated Priestess Midwyf-Healers of Brighid.

Massage, Bodywork, & Health


We offer the following massage, bodywork, & healing touch modalities:

Menstrual Health & Family Planning


We offer support for learning about and utilizing Fertility Awareness & Herbal Birth Control, Alternative Menstrual Products (cups, sponges, cloth, etc), Herbal Yoni Saunas (vaginal steams), Holistic Menstrual Wellness Coaching, Pregnancy Options Counseling & Pregnancy Release (alternative miscarriage/abortion) Companion Services. We also train other birthworkers as Pregnancy Release Companions.

Fertility & Conception


Our dream is that someday all babies will be wanted and conceived consciously by healthy parents and birthed peacefully. To that end, we provide Fertility Awareness mentoring, Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage sessions (for womb-carriers and couples), self-massage private and group trainings, traditional nutrition for fertility, Holistic Fertility Support Coaching, Conscious Conception instruction, Lunaception training, fertility self-care kits, and fertility spells.

Pregnancy & Birth


Our largest focus is on creating Ceremony and bringing back the Sacred to the journey of motherhood, primal movement in pregnancy and birth, and ancestral nutrition/nutrition as a key to preventing complications. We offer Holistic Birth Doula services, Pregnancy Wellness Coaching, Motherblessing Ceremonies, BellyHenna, BellyCasting, Ceremonial Baths, Holistic & Ancestral Childbirth Preparation, Traditional Prenatal Nutrition, Freebirth Facilitation, Sound in Birth, & Independant Shamanic Birth Attendance. We are also in the works of opening a Womyn's Wellness & Freebirth Clinic, The Midwyf's Hut.

Postpartum & Breastfeeding


Besides prenatal nutrition, the postpartum is the other most neglected aspect in regards to the childbearing continuum. Our goal is to bring back the tradition of 'mothering the mother' and keeping her well rested and nurtured for the Sacred Window (traditionall 40 days after birth). We offer bellybinding, ceremonial baths, Closing Rituals, warm-oil postpartum massages, herbal yoni steams, breastfeeding support, 40 Day Motherblessing Ceremony, and Placenta Medicine & Ceremony Facilitation, Traditional Nutrition for Mum & Baby.


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