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Brighid's Hearth Church is currently working on multiple community outreach programs particularly geared towards Low-Income & At-Risk Community persons, mothers, and families. We are actively seeking others to volunteer for engaging in this work. We are particularly in need of those who are from communities that are especially hard-hit including Persons of Color, Migrant Workers, the LGBTQ community, etc. to be the face of this work for their people.


Though we are ultimately striving for community unification across gender, religion, race, and so on we understand the need to have people that you can personally relate to (whether based on ethnic background, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.) to feel safe within many instances.


If you are interested in volunteering with us in any capacity in our community, receiving training to take back to your own communities, or joining our team, please contact us todayRead on below to learn more about our current projects and what we are in need of.




Our dream is to help mothers and families to find Food Sovereignty once more:

... to learn how to garden and grow food, to forage and wildcraft, and to create medicine and alchemy in the kitchen...

... to know where (at least some of) their food comes from, grown organically and sustainably, to feed themselves and their children...

... to not have to depend (at least so much) on the federal system to get food-- food that is toxic and lacking nutrients, to learn how to budget for food and make healthy nutrient-dense meals on a "food stamp budget"...


We dream of having a community-funded community garden where volunteers teach mothers and families how to grow food, help them to tend their family garden plots, facilitate the exchange of foods between families, and teach classes on Herbal Medicine Making + Kitchen Alchemy-- creating foods (like sauerkraut, homemade yogurt, and sourdough starter) that nourish our bodies and our spirits and honor our ancestors.

There is the potential even for such women/mothers/persons/families to create small cottage industry endeavors to provide a source of income for themselves.

For this project we are seeking:

>> A community garden space/lot ... LOCATION: TBD

>> Persons experienced with Permaculture and farming to help teach gardening and design the space

>> Persons experienced in foraging/wildcrafting to do Walks and teach some basic Wild Food Harvesting classes

>> Persons experienced with traditional foods/food preparation who can teach

>> Persons experienced with Herbal Medicine Making to teach

>> Donations to help cover the costs of seeds/seedlings, raised garden beds, soil, lot rental (if applicable), and other supplies or related expenses

If you would like to help us out in any way please CONTACT US

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