She sought out the church which had once been a temple, a temple led by thirteen priestesses, a temple that once housed the Eternal Flame, tended for a thousand years. The Flame of Brighid. She came seeking solace, healing, instruction. She came seeking to know her own body, and to bring this babe into the world by her own power. She would become the Bear Woman, the Great Mother, and be midwyfed by Brighid Herself.

Here you will find information on our church, Brighid's Hearth: Temple of Spiritual Healing & Shamanic Birthwork, our tenants and beliefs as well as our clergy; wellness and spiritual healing services; private members association; and our shamanic birthwork and womyn's wellness clinic.


About Brighid's Hearth

Our Heritage


Our Head Priestess, Wren, has undergone ten years of study (10 in priestess work, womyn's mysteries, and earth-based spirituality + 7 years in alternative healing, womyn's herbalism, and birthwork) and undergone many Ordeals as tests from Spirit for her Initiation as a shamanic birthworker and healer. Dedicating her services and work to her Patron, Brighid, she donned the title of Priestess Midwyf-Healer. Just this year she was inspired to take her work one step further and start Brighid's Hearth and begin training others to help serve womb-carriers and their families along side her.

Our Staff


The Temple is currently run by Head Priestess Midwyf-Healer of Brighid, Wren Bjorndottir. At present she is our only staff member, priestess, healer and birthworker, however she is beginning to training additional clergy members and to take on other staff members. If you are interested in becoming a staff member please e-mail us with your background, resume, and what job position you are seeking.

Our Facilities


Our Temple is currently unbound by walls of brick and mortar. We have no place, except for the homes, offices, and beach-side tents that we are called to. We come in on the tide to the Full Moon Womyn's Circle, or the Red Tent, or the local doula association's office space. It is our hope to have a more permanent space set up in the next year or two. Interested in having our services at your home, workshop, clinic, red tent, etc? Contact us today. Want to help fund our physical manifestation? Keep in touch to find out more when we launch our crowdfunding campaign.

Our Community


You are our community. The women, womb-carriers, and families that seek to empower themselves, to reclaim their spiritual and bodily autonomy, and to find their Tribe. Those who seek something different than the mainstream, even different than the mainstream midwifery and homebirth community, we turn on our light for you. Come, step into the Temple and light a Flame.

>> Community Projects

Our Private Members Association

We believe it is in the best interest of our mothers, families, clients, and ourselves to act as a Temple and offer our services through something called a Private Members Association. This takes our services out of the Public Sector and places them into the Private Sector, and changes relationships from Care Giver:Patient/Client to Member:Member. A small due is required for both practitioners, clients, and the congregation to join the PMA and membership runs for a year and a day. (This fee is for membership only and does not cover the cost of any services rendered). We believe it is the right of each person to take full responsibility for their Mind-Body-Soul Wellbeing, and this right is protected through the PMA. Go to our PMA Page to learn more and sign up.  

Our Services


The Temple offers a vast array of services from spiritual counseling to alternative healthcare, and all of our services we see as based in Spiritual Healing. Our focus is on the Childbearing Years (menarche through menopause) covering family planning and fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and the early years postpartum/of childhood, however we offer support and healing to many and for many reasons beyond just childbearing.


Our modalities include energetics/laying of hands/Reiki; working with crystals and sound; work with herbs and homeopathics; acupressure, reflexology and massage; prayer, ritual, and ceremony; shamanic healing techniques, and more. We also provide ceremony facilitation froom 'Moonarche' to 'Moonapause' and can officiate Baptisms, Weddings, & Last Rites.

Many services can be done remotely (long-distance, such as reiki and prayer). We can come to you or you can come to us for most of our other services. Please go to our Services page or Contact Us to learn more and discuss your needs.

Our *Womyn's Wellness & Freebirth Clinic

Brighid's Hearth is planning on an extension of our temple-- the Midwyf's Hut. This would be a community-centered project offered through our PMA, and would provide the following:

>> Ovulation Awareness & Herbal Birth Control Training

>> Holistic Menstrual Health Mentoring

>> Holistic Fertility Mentoring & Fertility Massage

>> Free Pregnancy Testing

>> Unbiased & Judgement-Free Counseling on All Options if you find yourself pregnant, assistance in seeking out community resources, etc. (for abortion, adoption, low-income, single parenting, etc).

>> Pregnancy Release Companionship (for alternative and at-home miscarriages and terminations)

>> Pregnancy Wellness Coaching & Prenatal Massage

>> Prenatal Self-Care Training & Resources

>> Childbirth Preparation

>> Freebirth Preparation & Facilitation

>> Independant Spiritual Birth Attendant Services

>> Birth Doula Services

>> Postpartum Mother Roasting Services (bellybinding, massage, ceremony, placenta medicine)

>> Breastfeeding Support, Formula Alternatives for Those Who Can't Nurse, & Baby's First Foods Training

>> Safer Sex & Sex-After-Baby Coaching

>> Various Classes & Workshops

>> Ceremony & Ritual

*We use the terms Womyn & Womb-Carriers to be more inclusive of those folks who we may serve or work with in any capacity who fall on the wide spectrum of body association and gender identity. Though most of the people we work with identify as women-born-women, we acknowledge that this will not always be the case and thus try to use more inclusive terminology, for those who have/had wombs and bear children will not always identify as women/female, though the bulk of our work revolves around the bodies that are biologically "female". We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship type or status, socioeconomic class, race or ethnicity, religious or spiritual beliefs, disabilities, etc. We have no affiliation with any groups that choose to use the term 'womyn' in a transexlusionary way and do not support transphobia or the exclusion of anyone from the LGBTQ community as our Head Priestess and creator of Brighid's Hearth Church identifies as a member of the LGBTQ community herself.  


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